Saturday, September 19, 2009

Turtle watching in Kailua

Green Sea Turtles are often seen frolicking in the gentle waves of Kailua Bay. Turtles have swum right by us when we go swimming at Kailua Beach Park. If you don't see any turtles in the main area of Kailua Beach Park, here are a few places you can go turtle watching.

Beyond the Kailua Boat Ramp - at the very far end of Kailua Beach Park by the rocks. Grab a mask and snorkel and swim around the rocks and you should be able to spot a few turtles.

Lanikai Beach - more toward the north end where the beach begins (beach access at Kaelepulu and Mokulua Drive).

Take a kayak out to Flat Island or the Mokuluas and keep an eye out for turtles. They will swim right underneath your kayak!

Finally, the best kept secret is Turtle Beach a.k.a. Secret Beach o (see photos below) in Kaimalino. The area where Kawanui canal goes into Kailua Bay is a turtle breeding area. You can access Turtle Beach, a tiny beach at low tide, from the small beach access on Kaimalino Street. Wade into the ocean there and start counting the turtles. As an added bonus, the view from this beach is amazing.

Please kokua do not touch, ride or feed these gentle creatures in any way. Keep your distance and give them their space. If you see a turtle that is hurt or stranded, please report it to the NOAA Sea Turtle Program.